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Working with nihilistic, gothic prose and a Punk rock spirit, William Binnie has developed a body of work, which addresses dissillusion, anxiety and redemption through the practice of drawing. William's delicate line and deft sensitivity offers a poetic counter balance to a dark subconciousness, weaned on a healthy diet of horror films, Punk rock and heavy metal. music.

"While ranging in style and subject matter, my work often explores themes that are biological, ecological, historical and iconogeraphic in nature.  Influenced as much by the bold, gritty aesthetics and intensity of Punk, Hardcore and Metal as by more academic syles of art making.  The work is frequently marked by a macabre sense of humor and tongue-in-cheek over-seriousness.  It is at once stark, sober, and often grim, yet rich, delicate and luch, shrouded in a certain beautiful gloom, where mlrbidity, death and decay are balanced by vibrant and vital, if nighilistic spirit.


< Night Cometh 1
Walnut ink on vellum
14 x 17 inches

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