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490 East Union Street, Pasadena, California 91101


What happens to ordinary entities of domestic life when they are driven into territories where their standard uses or functions are suspended and upended and new meanings are forged? Interstitial seeks to answer this question through the examination of new and recently-created free-standing sculptures by contemporary Los Angeles-based object makers whose work exists in the interstices, the spaces between the historical genres of the decorative arts, still life, and abstraction. In the exhibition, artists Jeff Colson, Renee Lotenero, Kristen Morgin, Joel Otterson, Rebecca Ripple, Aili Schmeltz, and Shirley Tse take quotidian and overlooked objects outside of their usual settings and modify, disassemble, and/or reassemble them, catapulting the objects into other dimensions, ones that are, at times, strange, comical, and unnerving. These works reside in the interstitial space: in between the memory of their previous function or usage and their abrupt and unexpected presence in the museum.


Jeff Colson, Stacks [detail], 2015. Urethane resin, wood, acrylic paint; 72 x 70 x 30 inches.
Courtesy of the Artist and Maloney Fine Art. Photo © 2016 Maloney Fine Art

Joel Otterson, American Portable Pottery Museum,1994, Ceramic, copper, plumbing pipe, steel, and casters, 93 X 104 X 20 inches.
Courtesy of the artist and Maloney Fine Art, Los Angeles. Photo © 2016 Maloney Fine Art

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